Why Have A Website?

Having a website increases your visibility by adding your website address to your business cards, email correspondence and any ads you place in magazines. A website will promote your products 24 hours a day for much less than sending out catalogs, brochures or placing magazine ads.

New customers will be able to locate you and your information; repeat customers will always know where to contact you. Web pages are easily changeable and updated with new information.

A restaurant or delicatessen website can have an on-line menu to view, hours of operation, a map for directions and also display those “Specials” that everyone craves for.

A sports website can have a schedule that is updated daily, or it can have a photo album of tournaments or championship games to display from the comfort of your own home.

A customer doesn't have to wait for you to send them a brochure - various sized pictures, photos, documents and graphics can be used to demonstrate your products or services anytime.

A website can have a map showing the way to your business - your customers will find you fast. Broaden your customer base through the web by posting your website on business directories, newsgroups and discussion forums.

If you don't have a website, you may have heard "why not?" from your customers...just before they pull up your competitor's site.

Website Architecture

About Us:

Established in 2008, Niagara Web Media (working along side Spear Web Designz in Fort Erie and Home Computer Repair and Networking in Niagara Falls) is a Professional website design company specializing in website design, graphic design, website development, website re-design, logo design, copywriting, print design media and computer and network installations and repair.

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